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| By Aberdeen Dynamics

Capabilities Highlight: Training and certification

Since 1973, our company has provided local technical expertise for the application of fluid power components – and it all starts with our top-notch testing and certification standards.

Our hydraulic system testing and certification services are critical to our commitment to our customers, allowing us to focus on our pinnacle goal of quality, safety, and performance as we work to provide complete system integration, fabrication, and support for the energy, industrial, power generation, and construction markets.

With the tools and expertise to test and certify a wide variety of fluid power systems and solutions, we are committed to continuously improving our approach to thoroughly examining the reliability and performance of our products and using simulation for real-world techniques.

HYDRAULIC TEST STAND: Our products are tested to meet manufacturer standards and your exact specifications. Designed and built by the Aberdeen Dynamics team, we monitor each of our test stands on a variety of criteria, including fluid cleanliness, pressure testing and settings, torque, and flow characteristics.

VALVE ACTUATION TESTS: A valve actuator is the mechanism for opening and closing a valve.  Aberdeen specializes in hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and high pressure gas actuators with many different applications such as; linear actuators, rotary actuators, partial stroke test, emergency shutdown actuators (ESD), solar remote location actuators, fast acting actuators, multi stroke or stored stroke actuators.  We complete various testing techniques to simulate actual field conditions, including manual operation and power-operated functions, which are completed remotely.

HOSE BURST TEST STAND: Our testing threshold for completing special hose burst tests includes capabilities up to 20,000 pounds per square inch (psi), allowing us to accomplish special tests on hoses, pipes, tubing, and valves.

CLIMATE CHAMBER:  Our products are tailored to withstand even the most demanding conditions, and to make certain of this, we are able to test in our on site thermal chamber from -50F to 150F. This testing is available to our customers for their products, as well, just talk with our sales team about availability.

FRAC HOSE HYDROTEST STAND:  At Aberdeen Dynamics, we conduct hydrotests on all Frac Hose assemblies to verify zero leaks and a safe product for our customers.

WINCH TEST STAND: Our factory-trained technicians have the ability to test our winches, according to factory specifications.  These tests are completed after any service and recertification of our winches.

We’re committed to providing you with leading-edge technology and design assistance, value pricing, and premier service, and we’re continually refining our processes and testing standards to understand your priorities and exceed your expectations.

We provide numerous testing and certifications in our facilities. Our test benches feature high speed data acquisition, laser particle counters, flow transducers and pressure transducers. Our certifications include ISO 9001:2015, ISO 9100, and the use of American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) certified gear boxes.

Enhancing quality, ensuring compliance, and reducing risk are our top priorities in providing your business with hydraulic system testing solutions, and we’re eager to see how our factory-trained staff, expansive inventory, and exhaustive testing can benefit your business.