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| By Aberdeen Dynamics

Capabilities Highlight: Engineering

With almost fifty years of experience in hydraulic engineering, we offer the ability to provide application consulting for complete motion and control solutions, including specialty drilling equipment and oilfield power units, to customers everywhere. 

Our tools, experience, and capabilities work together to provide you with a focus on assembly, rather than managing a complex set of supplier-partner relationships. Our technologies, programming, design support, integration, industry knowledge, and training allow us to offer every project a partnership that promises success.

TECHNOLOGIES: We offer advanced hydraulics, pneumatics, and electromechanical engineering expertise to develop the systems our customers need to make them more successful. We use 3D models to fully-manufactured manifolds, which operate like an electrical circuit switchboard, to demonstrate how we help our customers regulate fluid flow between pumps and actuators.

PROGRAMMING: By offering programming in many different languages and platforms including, IQAN, Interact Xpress, Codesys, Delta Motion, Red Lion Crimson, Idec Automation Suite, C3Manager, Motion Planner,  we are able to communicate exact specifications for parts and capabilities among our staff, software, and products using integrated motion controllers, drives, sensors, human machine interface (HMI) and Internet of Things (IoT) into your systems.

DESIGN SUPPORT: Together, our staff and customers make a great team; think of our design support as a collaborative extension of your engineering staff. Throughout the development phase of each product, we provide 3D models and schematics for every product to ensure your precise requirements are met.

INTEGRATION: To provide the best service, we offer a consultative engineering approach from concept to design and prototype to production. Our system integration services include: Component Selection, Circuit Design, load and speed calculations and analysis, FEA analysis, mobile and industrial PLC programming, motion and control system tuning, and reviewing environmental concerns, including products that can withstand extreme conditions or cycle life and if needed, meet explosion proof certifications.

BROAD INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE: Being familiar with the domestic and international specifications of our customers allows us to regularly support worldwide applications across a variety of industries and empowers us to be cutting-edge global leaders for fluid power components.

TRAINING: We offer internal training for our employees and external technical training for our customers. Because our customers are our partners in success, we strive to share our knowledge and experience throughout our training programs, giving you the tools you need to get the most from your motion and control systems. 

The culmination of all these efforts helps us continuously improve our offerings, develop strong relationships with our clients, and distribute the highest-quality products in the energy, industrial, power generation, and construction markets.