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Power Units: Proven Standards & Versatile Custom Solutions

Aberdeen Dynamics offers a complete range of custom designed hydraulic power units ranging from small special purpose systems to large diesel engine powered hydraulic systems. Using cutting edge technology and top of the line components we offer a reliable and leak-free piping system in all of our units.

Hydraulic Power Units from Aberdeen Dynamics are designed, engineered and built for use in all kinds of environments, in configurations to fit available space, and to meet required specifications and standards. Attention is given to the choice of fittings, plumbing, clamping, filtration, fluid cooling, and other components to give the power unit a long, energy efficient, and leak-free life. You can count on Aberdeen’s engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and quality control expertise to provide rugged and reliable hydraulic power units that withstand the most extreme environments and applications.

From simple industrial type units to highly sophisticated systems with or without systems integration, Aberdeen has the solution that fits your needs.

Features & Options

  • Low to ultra-high operating pressures
  • Custom skids
  • Custom reservoirs
  • 100% tested
  • Single or multiple power sources
  • Special construction materials
  • Accumulator systems
  • 3-D CAD and modeling
  • System alarms and indication options
  • Parker connector technology
  • Standard or customer specified coatings
  • Weather-proof or explosion-proof construction
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Aberdeen Dynamics offers a complete line of hydraulic power units ideal for all demanding industrial applications requiring low to high fluid volume and flow rates. Our units are based on a modular design concept for consistency, high value and quick delivery.

Custom Power Solutions

At Aberdeen, our engineers and designers have a proven record of engineering the right solution that balances effectiveness, reliability, usability, and value. We take the time to understand your application, and design and build a custom hydraulic power system solution that meets your exact requirements and exceeds your expectations. Combining decades of fluid power expertise, industry-leading manufacturing partners, and premier service, Aberdeen Dynamics is the one to turn for all of your hydraulic power needs

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